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Alfredo Ponce Zárate

Team lead | Software developer

Scrum Master
Developer Sr.
Remote work
53 años
CDMX (4920) México
Abierto a oportunidades
About me
● Computer systems engineer

● Self-taught, creative and problem solving oriented

● 25+ years of experience in software development process

● 5+ years of experience in team leadership, scrum, product owner
  • Software factory in multiple industries and platforms

  • Project: TORC.
    ● Position: Full Stack developer
    ● Description: Web and tablet application for oil wells management in Canada, with security profiles and custom reports
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Meetings with the client
    ⠀ ○ Demos of the deliverables
    ⠀ ○ Programming the security layer with Security Server
    ⠀ ○ Preparation of reports with imports to CVS, XSLX, and PDF
    ⠀ ○ Use of rules from proprietary Business Process Model
    ⠀ ○ Periodically extract data from a web page automatically using scrapping techniques
    ● Technologies: Github, Dapper, NET Core, C#, Scrapping, ReactJs, Security Server, Selenium, REST API, Hangfire, Scrum, Microsoft RDLC, Excel, PDF, Service Bus
    ● Database: MSSQLServer
  • Project: G4S.
    ● Position: Mobile & Back-end Developer
    ● Description: IoT ecosystem. Application on the web and Android phones, establishing communication with specialized hardware that supplies gas. Administration of gas orders, sales, clients, users, interaction with settlement systems, volumetric control, and billing
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Meetings with the client, demos of the deliverables
    ⠀ ○ Modification of the android app on the smartphone and the Web application based on new requirements
    ⠀ ○ Communication with the hardware that supplies gas
    ⠀ ○ Maintenance of brokers
    ⠀ ○ Refactor the application
    ⠀ ○ Stay at optimal sonar thresholds to be able to merge
    ⠀ ○ Code Review
    ⠀ ○ API maintenance for integration with other external systems
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug resolution
    ● Technologies: Git, Java, Spring, Vaadin, Linux, RabbitMQ, Android, SQLite, Jasper reports, JUnit test, Mockito, Scrum, Sonar Qube, REST API
    ● Database: Postgres
  • Pojects: G4S, smartG4s, Liquidaciones
    ● Position: Team Lead
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Management of development teams
    ⠀ ○ Use the scrum methodology, planning sprints, and tracking stories
    ⠀ ○ Promote definitions, ideas, objectives, strategies, and goals
    ⠀ ○ Interface with many stakeholders to drive product decisions.
    ⠀ ○ Supporting developers
    ⠀ ○ Feedback to developers, meetings 1 to 1
    ⠀ ○ Stay at optimal sonar thresholds to be able to merge
    ⠀ ○ Code Review and authorizing merge and pull request
    ⠀ ○ Direct contact with clients, taking requirements
    ⠀ ○ Make demos and presentations to the clients
    ⠀ ○ Planning deployments
    ⠀ ○ Monitoring the products developed by the teams
    ⠀ ○ Stay in contact with other teams
    ⠀ ○ Interviews and recruitment
    ● Technologies: CI/CD, Tableau, Docker, OpenProject, Zabbix, Zammad, Grafana, Jasper Reports
    ● Knowledge: Tickets system, KPI, Scrum, Reporting, BI
  • Software development company specializing in medical laboratories

  • Project: FacVer4
    ● Description: API in the cloud, which is used to stamp invoices, used by medical laboratories. It connects with a PAC and the received messages are managed.
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Design and development of endpoints toward clients, as well as the PAC.
    ⠀ ○ Delivery of the XML and PDF stamped by the SAT.
    ⠀ ○ Send by email the invoice
    ⠀ ○ Documentation of the use of API endpoints
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug resolution
    ● Technologies: Laravel, Php, Jquery, SOAP, Curl, XML
    ● Database: Postgres, MySQL
  • Project: DLab
    ● Description: Web system that manages the administration of medical laboratories in terms of study requests, delivery of results, customer management, payments, and billing
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Design and development of the entire billing part
    ⠀ ○ Development of billing per patient, per company, self-billing, invoice cancellation, and invoice forwarding
    ⠀ ○ General maintenance of the entire system
    ⠀ ○ Resolution of bugs
    ● Technologies: Laravel, Php, Bootstrap, jQquery, REST API
    ● Database: Postgres, MySQL
  • Consultancy firm of development and training of talent

  • Project: Single Sign On
    ● Description: Creating a security interface by signing between a client and a provider using SAML
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Design and implementation of all "Single Sign On" security,
    ⠀ ○ Meetings with the client and with the provider
    ⠀ ○ Proof of concept tests, testing in the development environment
    ⠀ ○ Deploy in production.
    ⠀ ○ Documentation for use and configuration
    ● Technologies: Net, C#, SAML 2.0, XML, Javascript
    ● DataBase: MSSQLServer
  • Software development company

  • Project: d-facture
    ● Description: Service that stamps invoices to the new version 4.0 for a point of sale
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Update from version 3.3 to version 4.0
    ⠀ ○ Modifications required to be able to stamp invoices
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug resolution
    ● Technologies: Git, SOAP, XML, NET Core
    ● Database: MySQL
  • Project: ShukShuk
    ● Description: It is an Instagram clone that allows you to create physical albums of photos
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Meeting with the client
    ⠀ ○ Designing the screens, programming the entire application
    ⠀ ○ Development of payments gateway
    ⠀ ○ Programming logistics of delivery times, orders
    ⠀ ○ Communication with the backend to process the photos and generate the album
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug resolution
    ● Technologies: Dart, Flutter, Git
    ● Database: Firebase
  • Project: Map component
    ● Description: Component that allows managing an OpenLayers map, used in a GIS system
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Design and programming of the component, flexibility when using it
    ⠀ ○ Documentation for the programmers
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug resolution
    ● Technologies: Git, AngularJs, Openlayers, Leaflet, OpenStreetMap, Docker, REST API.
    ● Database: MySQL
  • Project: TPM-Employee KPI
    ● Description: System that surveys machine operators depending on their different positions in a soft drink company
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Design and programming of the management of the questionnaire,
    ⠀ ○ Show results, and monitoring of the operators.
    ⠀ ○ Deployments and resolution of bugs
    ● Technologies: Git, Angular-Material, MySQL, NET Core
    ● Database: MySQL
  • Project: tbc-assets
    ● Description: System that manages machinery components for their maintenance, receives excels as input processes them by classifying and assigning managers, and generates formats that are understood by the company's ERP
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Programming the import of excels, applying business rules
    ⠀ ○ Generate output formats
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug resolution
    ● Technologies: Git, Angular-Material, NET Core. KnockoutJS
    ● Database: MySQL
  • Activities related to IT
    ⠀ ○ Software development
    ⠀ ○ Backend programming
    ⠀ ○ Frontend programming
    ⠀ ○ Full stack programming
    ⠀ ○ Mobile Programming
    ⠀ ○ Training
    ⠀ ○ Teaching
    ⠀ ○ Consulting
    Work on-site or remotely

  • Client: Office tech
    ● Website:
    ● Project: Informative webpage with effects
    ● Technologies: Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML
  • Client: La Hojuela
    ● Website:
    ● Project: Custom online Store
    ● Technologies: WordPress, Shopify, Plugins
  • Client: JAC
    ● Website:
    ● Project: App Jacqueline
    ● Description: Create customer interest in electric cars by presenting benefits, information, and a fun quiz
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Programming the questionnaire
    ⠀ ○ Managing videos in the app
    ⠀ ○ Sending the information to the client who requests it
    ⠀ ○ Development of a backend where you can modify the questionnaire and update the information to send it to the app
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug fixes
    ● Technologies: VUE, .NET
    ● Database: MySQL, Firebase, Local storage
  • Client: Digital Whim
    ● Website:
    ● Description: Teaching Microsoft topics like Programming, MVC, MSSQLServer, and Office
  • Client: Business coach
    ● Website:
    ● Project: PEPSI KPI
    ● Description: Price projection system and cost analysis of materials and raw materials and offers vs. demand analysis
    ● Technologies: Visual Basic 6, Excel Macros
    ● Database: Access
  • Client: Proyectseg
    ● Website:
    ● Project: Camera and vehicle entrance control
    ● Description: Camera management and vehicle entry control and interaction with an automatic vehicle barrier, sending photos of the vehicle to a third-party API to allow or deny the passage of the vehicle
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Interact with the camera
    ⠀ ○ Extract photos & send photos
    ⠀ ○ Manipulate the automatic vehicle barrier
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug fixes
    ● Technologies: Hikvision camera API, Console C# NET, REST API
  • Client: ITISA
    ● Project: SISIN
    ● Description: Making the generation of barcodes without the use of external components, also controlling the visitors to the company
    ● Technologies: Visual Basic 6
    ● Database: Access
  • Client: Secretaría de Gobernación
    ● Project: SICOP 2000
    ● Description: Redesign the reports of the Ministry of the Interior in the units of the Sectoral Coordination Directorate, the Accounting Directorate, the General Directorate of Programming, Organization, and Budget
    ● Technologies: Business Objects, SQL-Talk, Centura, Visual Basic 6
    ● Database: Informix
  • Client: Casas GEO
    ● Description: development of the after-sales module, which is when the client
    buys his house, and now he has to pay for the maintenance of the common areas, he
    they handle payments, automatic charges, account statements
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Design and development of module after-sales
    ⠀ ○ Test and deploy
    ⠀ ○ Reports
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug resolution
    ● Technologies: Power Builder, ASP.NET, Javascript, HTML
    ● Database: MSSQLServer
  • Project: KPI
    ● Description: Analysis, development, and implementation of the KPI web portal
    ● Technologies: Power BI, MVC, Stored procedures, Visual Basic NET
    ● Database: MSSQLServer
  • Project: Focus Align
    ● Description: Management of company milestones, breaking them down into parts and measuring progress
    ● Technologies: AngularJs, Net, HTML
    ● Database: MySQL
  • Project: Scrapping info
    ● Description: Obtaining automated information from web pages, using scrapping techniques
    ● Technologies: C#, Hangfire, MVC, Dapper, Javascript, Selenium
    ● Database: MSSQLServer
  • Website:

  • Project: Continuous improvements in electronic invoicing
    ● Description: development of electronic billing SAAS
    ● Technologies: VB.NET, SOAP Webservices, MVC, XML
    ● Database: MSSQLServer
  • Project: Connectors and web services
    ● Description: Analysis, development, and implementation of local connectors which take files of different formats as input and invoice files as output
    ● Technologies: VB.NET, SOAP Webservices,
    ● Database: MSSQLServer
  • Project: Shopping cart
    ● Description: Shopping cart that allows you to add billing packages and send data to salesforce
    ● Technologies: ASP.NET, Bootstrap, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Salesforce Integration
    ● Database: MSSQLServer
  • Project: XLSScope
    ● Description: a suite of products that consists of an interpreter, an editor, and an administrator, to process data in excel without macros or formulas, using its own language and decoupling the data from the programming, making it faster, more reliable, and more maintainable the result of data processing
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Design and programming of the suite
    ⠀ ○ Development security, and software anti-copy techniques
    ⠀ ○ Demos and presentation of the software
    ⠀ ○ Documentation: technical, user manual, brochure
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug fixes
    ● Technologies: Excel, Office, VB for Applications, Visual Basic 6
    ● Database: Acces, XLS Sheets, Flat files
  • Project: FutFanatic
    ● Description: Fantasy sports game system, where you can bet, select players and teams, and have results and awards
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Design and programming of the site
    ⠀ ○ RSS feed results, and statistics.
    ⠀ ○ Demos & presentations
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug fixes.
    ● Technologies: ASPX, CSS, HTML, jQuery
    ● Database: DBMatrix
  • Project: Credix.
    ● Description: Automate the entire credit union operation
    ● Technologies: Visual Basic 6, Crystal reports
    ● Database: DBMatrix
  • Project: SYR 200
    ● Description: Automate department stores nationwide in accounting, point of Sale, inventory, collection, credit, legal depart
    ● Technologies: Professional Basic for DOS
    ● Database: DBMatrix
  • Project: Previdef
    ● Description: Control and prevention system for card fraud credit, developed for Banca PROMEX exchanging data with other systems such as PROSA and SACSA
    ● Technologies: Visual Basic 4
    ● Database: DBMatrix
  • Project: DBMatrix
    ● Description: Creation of a proprietary database that allows CRUDS to be done automatically
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Implement indexes in flat text files
    ⠀ ○ Development properties by fields
    ⠀ ○ Create and programming configuration files
    ⠀ ○ Development a universal tool for CRUD and reporting
    ● Technologies: Visual Basic 6, Professional Basic for DOS
    ● Database: Himself
  • Project: MATZ
    ● Description: Quotation system for automobile parts, order management for Auto Accesorios Hemsa del Norte and its foreign offices, Mexico, Saltillo, Guadalajara, Chihuahua.
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Development of parts stock controls, orders
    ⠀ ○ Data security(encryption, encoding, and decoding)
    ⠀ ○ Foreign communication via MODEM
    ● Technologies: Professional Basic for DOS. Including communication with a MainFrame (CYBER)
  • Software development company

  • Project: SISGNO
    ● Description: Web application to review news notes and prepare them to publish. It includes a text editor, registration, and maintenance for journalists' notes. Takes and presents statistics and news reports prepared by reporters. Made for the newspaper Novedades de Acapulco
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Creation of the text editor
    ⠀ ○ RSS Feed from different news agencies
    ⠀ ○ Development of Roles for authorization of notes
    ⠀ ○ Statistics reports
    ⠀ ○ Bug fixes and maintenance
    ● Technologies: ASP, VBScript, Javascript, Html
    ● Database: MSSSQLServer
  • Project: BIOMEDIC
    ● Description: Development and implementation of a time clock system, at the Magallanes Hospital in Acapulco, interacting with a biometric fingerprint sensor
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Interact programmatically with the Sensor
    ⠀ ○ Capture employee fingerprintsTake
    ⠀ ○ Get and shoot photos of employees
    ⠀ ○ Employee Support
    ⠀ ○ Development of attendance reports
    ⠀ ○ Bug fixes and maintenance
    ● Technologies: Visual Basic 4, Javascript, Html
    ● Database: MSSSQLServer
  • Company related to IT industry

  • Consulting
  • Software development
    ⠀ ○ SISACCOM: System of medical consultations and patient administration
    ⠀ ○ HOTEL-PF13: Management of reservations, check-in, check-out, and consumption of a 3-star hotel
    ⠀ ○ HOSPITAL-PF13: Management of hospitalizations, pharmacy inventory, medications, check-in, check-out of a hospital
    ⠀ ○ QRPET: Web application that assigns a profile per pet and generates a QRcode for its tag
  • Courses and training
  • Website:
  • Professor in TI
    ● Algorithms
    ● Data structure
    ● Object-oriented programming
    ● Mobile programming
    ● Geographic information systems
    ● Investigation methodology
    ● Business management
    ● Distributed systems
  • Thesis Adviser.
  • Member of the technical council.
  • Design of the student competency model
  • Training about a competency-based educational model
  • Events, conferences, and activities of the school
  • In the roster of experts in the computer science area, when the two systems experts on both sides do not agree, they assign me the case and I must give an analysis and omit a verdict, in the parameters of the case and the court.
  • Website:
  • Professor in TI
    ● SQL Programming
    ● Algorithmics and Methodology
    ● Introduction to Computer Science
    ● Computer Architectures
    ● EIS Logic Programming
  • I gave a talk at engineering week (2007) titled DEVELOPMENT OF VIDEO GAMES, where I dealt with what is needed and how profitable it is to make a video game.
  • Events, conferences and activities of the school

Analyst programmer

CDI Computos y diseños integrales
2004 a 2006
  • Project: ERP Sardinero.
    ● Description: Complete automation of the food warehouse to generate Christmas baskets, pantries, and corporate baskets
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Design and programming of inventories, reception, warehouses, purchases, orders
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug fixes.
    ● Technologies used: Visual Basic 6
    ● Database: Access
  • Project: Orpamex
    ● Description: Point of sale of a stationery
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Design and programming of inventories, sales, purchases
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug fixes
    ● Technologies used: Visual Basic 6
    ● Database: Access
  • Project: Platform and BackOffice systems.
    ● Description: Administration of the telegrams to be sent, applying business rules and costs
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Capture the telegram message and apply the business rules to it
    ⠀ ○ String manipulation
    ⠀ ○ Communication through frames to an AS400 mainframe
    ● Technologies: vb6, Sockets, Serial port communication
  • Project: GNP MI.
    ● Description: Comprehensive Medical System for Grupo Nacional Provincial
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Development of scheduling health insurance quotes
    ⠀ ○ Support to users
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug fixes
    ● Technologies: Visual Basic 6, crystal reports
    ● Database: MSSQLServer
    ● Description: Disaster insurance system and damage quotes for multi-companies with different types of insurance depending on the damage, with different benefits
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Development of insurance coverage, and insurance quote.
    ⠀ ○ Technical and operational support of the system.
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug fixes.
    ● Technologies: Visual Basic 6, Crystal Reports
    ● Database: MSSQLServer
  • Project: AVANCE UNION
    ● Description: Complete system for bank branches, used by tellers in 180 branches in the country, reports, operational and accounting closures, cash control
    ● Responsibilities:
    ⠀ ○ Communications controller for line drops in X.25
    ⠀ ○ Teller cash system development
    ⠀ ○ Cash opening, cash cuts, cash closing
    ⠀ ○ Reception of deposits, Withdrawal of account
    ⠀ ○ Printing of transaction vouchers
    ⠀ ○ Transfers between accounts
    ⠀ ○ Maintain optimal speed performance
    ⠀ ○ Communication with AS400 mainframe
    ⠀ ○ Code maintenance and bug fixes
    ● Technologies: Professional Basic for DOS, integration with AS400